Hybrid Flash vs. All-Flash Storage

As the demand for all-flash arrays is increasing, more and more IT vendors are offering it which has significantly dropped its prices. This change in the IT terrain has to lead many IT professionals and managed service providers to wonder if they should make a switch to SSA and AFA as a new computer storage solution. But what these professionals should be questioning is if the All-Flash-Arrays is good enough in comparison with the hybrid arrays. So, how to make a differentiation? Let’s find out here:

Generally, IT professional from Virginia Beach IT services companies compare the prices and performance level of both the storage solutions to make the right pick.

Since Flash Storage is way faster but also costlier than the HDD storage, it has created an environment where IT professionals have to choose over quicker or cheaper storage solution. To counter this situation, IT innovators developed a new storage solution called Hybrid flash array.

Hybrid Flash Arrays: The Pros and Cons

With the invention of Hybrid Flash Arrays, vendors wanted to improve IOPS and reduce read latency. Since it is made from flash and disk storage technology, it has the best of both worlds.

So let’s find out what advantages a business can get by applying hybrid flash arrays:

  • Hybrid Flash Array storage solution is cheaper than the All-Flash Array.
  • It has the best of AFA and HDD storage
  • It is suitable for business with low transaction needs
  • It offers file storage, backup, and data recovery facility and more storage capacity.
  • It has a high-performance level but much cheaper than AFA.

The Disadvantages of Hybrid Flash Cons:

  • In most cases, it has low performance as compared to All-flash storage. But it dramatically varies depending on the needs of a business.
  • Most often there are chances of overcrowded flash and ultimately reduced performance.
  • Since the IT infrastructure is an old model, support services are not always available.

All-Flash Arrays: The Pros and Cons

AFA is for the businesses who are up on their toes and need excellent processing speed. For businesses looking for performance, they should definitely opt for AFA. Since the files and data are stored in SSD, AFA solution provides a significant number of IOPS. But the AFA lacks in storage capacity offered by Hybrid Flash Array. And when it comes to the cost, it is still expensive. But since AFA provides value for the money, most MSPs choose it over other storage solutions.

The Advantages of All-Flash Arrays:

  • It is fast and provides optimal performance
  • It is most suitable for high I/O needs
  • It has low operational costs
  • It utilizes less space
  • It uses relatively less power
  • It has a high utilization ratio
  • It can be used for high transaction tasks
  • It provides a speedy management interface

The disadvantage of All-Flash Cons:

  • It is very costly
  • Needs RAID protection
  • Cannot be used if one needs high storage capacity
  • Performance can degrade if the full capacity is used
  • Increased dependency on dedupe and compression.